JBIS Vol 57 No 09/10 – September-October 2004

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Planetary Studies

Systems Design for Planetary Ascent Vehicles (PAV)
V.J. Lappas, I. Coxhill and A. Baker

Wormsphere Rover Pattern for Discovering Underground Water on Mars Surface
Abas Kangi

Profitable Asteroid Mining
Michael Busch

MASSIVA: MArs Surface Sampling and Imaging Vtol Aircraft
J. Fielding and C. Underwood

Gusev Crater, A Mythical Crater-Lake on the Martian Surface
Abas Kangi


Experimental Testing of a CMG Cluster for Agile Microsatellites
V.J. Lappas, W.H. Steyn and C.I. Underwood


Morpheus - Hypermetabolic Stasis in Humans for Long Term Space Flight
Mark Ayre, Carlo Zancanaro and Manuela Malatesta

Human Aspirations in the History of Space Flight
Ian Favell

Chinese Space Programme

Earth and Space Science Payload of the Shen Zhou Orbital Modules
Paolo Ulivi

Advanced Propulsion

Light Multi-Relex Engine
Alexander Bolonkin

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