JBIS Vol 58 No 03/04 – March-April 2005

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The Typical Number of Antiprotons Necessary to Heat the Hot Spot in the D-T Fuel Doped with U
M.L. Shmatov

A Geometric Derivation and a Solution of Barker's Equation for the Time of Flight Along Parabolic Trajectories
Alex Pathan

Dynamically Supported Launcher
John Knapman

The First Flights of China's Shen Zhou Spacecraft - Part 3
Phillip S. Clark

Expanding Advanced Civilizations in the Universe
Claudius Gros

Human Future and Space

The Carbon or Silicon Colonization of the Universe?
Bob Parkinson

Physiological and Biomechanical Considerations for a Human Mars Mission
Adam Hawkey

W.W.W. Moon? The Why, What and When of a Permanent Manned Lunar Colony
Maurizio Morabito

A Human Galaxy: A Prehistory of the Future
Stephen Baxter

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