JBIS Vol 58 No 05/06 – May-June 2005

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Black Holes Wormholes & the Development of a Dynamic Warp Drive Metric
Kelvin F. Long

Spacefarer Solar Kites for Solar System Exploration
C. Jack, R. Wall and C.S. Welch

Life in the Cosmological Future: Resources, Biomass and Populations
Michael N. Mautner

Mars Exploration

A Proposed Mars Base Design Adopting a Horizontally Landed Bent Biconic Vehicle
David Willson and Jonathan D. A. Clarke

Partial Beanstalks for Mars Exploration
Bob Parkinson

Evolutionary Scenarios for the Human Exploration of Mars
Bob Parkinson

Mars the Recording Angel: Traces of Extra-Martian Events in Polar Layered Terrain
Stephen Baxter

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