JBIS Vol 58 No 07/08 – July-August 2005

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Many Possibilities for Life's Emergence
Bor Luen Tang

Lyapunov Robust Control for the Coupled Large Angle Relative Trajectory Following Problem
Yunjun Xu

Development Study of Mach 6 Turbojet Engine with Air-Precooling
Tetsuya Sato, Hideyuki Taguchi, Hiroaki Kobayashi and Takayuki Kojima

Space Tourism: Making it Work for Fun and Profit
John R. Olds, David McCormick, Ashraf Charania and Leland Marcus

The Application of Gridded Ion Thrusters to High Thrust, High Specific Impulse Nuclear-Electric Missions
David G. Fearn

Concepts for Near-Earth Asteroid Deflection using Spacecraft with Advanced Nuclear and Solar Electric Propulsion Systems
Roger Walker, Dario Izzo, Cristina de Negueruela, Leopold Summerer, Mark Ayre and Massimiliano Vasile

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