JBIS Vol 58 No 09/10 – September-October 2005

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MARS-OZ: A Design for a Simulated Mars Base in the Australian Outback
David Willson, Jonathan D.A. Clarke and Guy Murphy

Analysis of a Lunar Sling Launcher
Geoffrey A. Landis

A Concept GEO-SPS & Airship Multi-Megawatt Power Relay System
Richard M. Dickinson

Initiating Piloted Mars Expeditions with Medium-Lift Launch Systems
G.R. Bonin

Comparing Mass Driver and Disperser Concepts for Non-Nuclear Mitigation of Asteroid Threats
George Friedman

Interstellar Studies

A Strategic Roadmap to Centauri
Les Johnson, David Harris, Ann Trausch, Gregory L. Matloff, Travis Taylor and Kathleen Cutting

Some Problems Related to Safety and Efficiency of the use of Antihydrogen and Antiprotons
M.L. Shmatov

Analysis of Interstellar Spacecraft Cycling Between the Sun and the Near Stars
R.W. Moir and W.L. Barr

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