JBIS Vol 58 No 11/12 – November-December 2005

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Multi-Role Capsules: Fulfilling Their Potential
Mark Hempsell

Concept for a Very Large Space Based Radio Telescope for SETI
Robert L. DeBiase

Duties to Extraterrestrial Microscopic Organisms
Charles S. Cockell

Mission and System Design of a Venus Entry Probe and Aerobot
Andy Phipps et al

Terraforming in Context of the Evolving Space Infrastructure
Mark Hempsell

Some Speculations on the Construction of Artificial Planets
Mark Hempsell

Applications of the Electrodynamic Tether to Interstellar Travel
Gregory L. Matloff and Les Johnson

Crawling Robots on Large Web in Rocket Experiment on Furoshiki Deployment
N. Kaya et al

Nuclear Powered Laser Driven Plasma Propulsion System
Terry Kammash

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