JBIS Vol 59 No 01 – January 2006

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Consequences of Space Debirs Mitigation Guidelines on Geostationary Transfer Orbits
F. Alby, B. Deguine, C. Bonnal and P.M. Ratte

A New Interpretation of Drake-Equation
Zsolt Hetesi and Zsolt Regály

Resonant Orbit Locations about Celestial Bodies
K.A. O'Donnell and P.L. Palmer

Antiproton Powered Gas Core Fission Rocket
Terry Kammash

Exploring Titan with Autonomous, Bouyancy Driven Gliders
Michael T. Morrow, Craig A. Woolsey and George M. Hagerman

The Expected Efficiency of Burning of the D-He3 Fuel in Space Propulsion Systems
M.L. Shmatov

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