JBIS Vol 59 No 02 – February 2006

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Fourth IAA Symposium on Realistic Near-Term Advanced Scientific Space Missions - 1

The Challenge of Very Deep Space Exploration: How Far will the Frontier Be?
Giancarlo Genta

The Sailcraft Splitting Concept
Giovanni Vulpetti

Solar System Frontier: Exploring the Heliospheric Interface from 1 AU
Mike Gruntman

Near-Term Interstellar Sailing
Gregory L. Matloff, Travis S. Taylor, T. Conley Powell, Tryshanda Moton and Don Robinson

Nanobiomimetic Active Shape Control: Fluidic and Swarm-Intelligence Embodiments for Planetary Exploration
Salvatore Santoli

Max-Microwave Acceleration Experiment with Cosmos-1
James Benford, Gregory Benford and Tom Kuiper

Innovative Explorer Mission to Interstellar Space
Mike Gruntman et al.

Elastic, Electrostatic and Spin Deployment of Ultralight Sails
James Benford and Gregory Benford

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