JBIS Vol 59 No 03/04 – March-April 2006

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Fourth IAA Symposium on Realistic Near-Term Advanced Scientific Space Missions - 2

Cassini/Huygens: The Italian Contribution to a Successful Mission
Roberto Somma

Ion Propulsion: An Enabling Technology for Interstellar Precursor Missions
David G. Fearn

Relativistic Optimized Link by KLT
Claudio Maccone

NASA’s In-Space Propulsion Technology Program: A Step Toward Interstellar Exploration
Les Johnson, Bonnie James, Randy Baggett, and Edward E. Montgomery IV

Power-Beaming Concepts for Future Deep Space Exploration
Gregory Benford and James Benford

Reducing Solar Sail Escape Times from Earth Orbit Using Beamed Energy
Gregory Benford and Paul Nissenson

ECSA, A New Form of International Co-Operation
Carlo Mazza

DADLE: A Cue to Human “Hibernation”?
Marco Biggiogera, Paolo Fabene and Carlo Zancanaro

Good and Bad in the Hibernating Brain
Arjen M. Strijkstra

Rationale for the use of Melatonin as a Protective Agent Against Cosmic Radiation and Ischemia-Reperfusion Damage in Long Term Spaceflight
Isabel Freitas et al

The Cell Nucleus in Physiological and Experimentally Induced Hypometabolism
Manuela Malatesta

Sleep, Torpor and Memory Impairment
Svitlana Palchykova and Irene Tobler

Human Hibernation for Space Flight: Utopistic Vision or Realistic Possibility?
Dominique Singer

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