JBIS Vol 59 No 10 – October 2006

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SETI Activities at Kyushu Tokai University
Mitsumi Fujishita, Shin-Ya Narusawa, Motosuji Fujishita and Tokuichi Kawase

The Beryllium Hollow-Body Solar Sail and Interstellar Travel
Gregory l. Matloff

Exploring Titan with Multiple Landers
Tibor S. Balint

Space Tourism - 1

The Second Space Race
Steven Fawkes

Orbital Siphons

The Orbital Siphon: A New Space Elevator Concept
Colin R. McInnes and Chris Davis

A Cable Space Transportation System at the Earth's Poles to Support Exploitation of the Moon
Alexander A. Bolonkin and Richard B. Cathcart

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