JBIS Vol 60 No 04 – April 2007

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Continuous Mars Habitation with a Limited Number of Cycler Vehicles
Damon F. Landau, James M. Longuski and Buzz Aldrin

Comment on "Applications for Deployed High Temperature Superconducting Coils in Spacecraft Engineering: A Review and Analysis" by J.C. Cocks et al
S.G. Shepherd and B.T. Kress

Moon Dust may Simulate Vascular Hazards of Urban Pollution
William J. Rowe

Economics and the Fermi Paradox
William R. Hosek

Shouting in the Jungle: The SETI Transmission Debate
H. Paul Shuch and Iván Almár

Originis: Ethics and Extraterrestrial Life
Charles S. Cockell

Testing a Claim of Extraterrestrial Technology
H. Paul Shuch and Allen Tough

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