JBIS Vol 60 No 07 – July 2007

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Mitigating Extreme Environments for In-Situ Venus and Jupiter Missions
Tibor S. Balint, Elizabeth A. Kolawa and James A. Cutts

Launch of CNES Small Satellites: Lessons Learned and Perspectives
P.W. Bousquet, J. Dejoie, V. Dubourg, A. Gerbert-Gaillard and J.M. Desobeau

Oscillation and Settling Times for Black-Holes Placed within Planetary and Stellar Interiors
Martin Beech

Spacecraft Formation Flying using Lorentz Forces
M.A. Peck, B. Streetman, C.M. Saaj and V. Lappas

Hybrid Propulsion System for Spacecraft Swarm Aggregation using Coulomb Force
C.M. Saaj, V. Lappas, D. Richie, H. Schaub and D. Izzo

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