JBIS Vol 61 No 08 – August 2008

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Fifth IAA Symposium on Realistic Near-Term Advanced Scientific Space Missions

Techologies To Enable Near-Term Interstellar Precursor Missions; Is 400 AU Accessible?
D.G. Fearn

Preliminary Investigation On Carbon Nanotube Membranes For Photon Solar Sails
Giovanni Vulpetti, Salvatore Santoli and Gabriele Mocci

Bio-Inspired Hierarchical Nanomaterials For Space Applications
Alberto Carpinteri and Nicola Pugno

Some Recent Results From The Cassini Titan Radar Mapper
Roberto Somma

NASA's Discovery Program: Moving Toward The Edge (Of The Solar System)
Les Johnson and Paul Gilbert

Robotic Platforms For The Exploration Of Outer Solar System Bodies
Giancarlo Genta

"FOCAL" Probe To 550 To 1000 AU: A Status Review
Claudio Maccone

Preliminary Theoretical Considerations For Getting Thrust via Squeezed Vacuum
Yoshinari Minami

The Electrical Sail - A New Propulsion Method Which May Enable Fast Missions To The Outer Solar System
Pekka Janhunen

Considerations Of Electric Sailcraft Trajectory Design
G. Mengali, A.A. Quarta and P. Janhunen

Interstellar Solar Sailing: A Figure Of Merit For Monolayer Sail
Gregory L. Matloff and Roman Ya. Kezerashvili

Biomimetic Approach To Advanced Space Missions
Carlo Menon, Tobias Seidl and Michael Broschart

Hibernation As A Far-Reaching Programme For Cell Nucleus Activity Modulation
Manuela Malatesta, Marco Biggiogera and Carlo Zancanaro

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