JBIS Vol 61 No 09 – September 2008

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Warp Drive, Faster Than Light: Breaking the Interstellar Distance Barrier


The Status Of The Warp Drive
K.F. Long

Warp Drive: From Imagination To Reality
Jeremy Gardiner

Computer Tensor Codes To Design The Warp Drive
Claudio Maccone

Warp Drive: A New Approach
Richard K. Obousy and Gerald Cleaver

Casimir Energy: A Fuel For Traversable Wormholes
Remo Garattini

Can The Flyby Anomalies Be Explained By A Modification Of Inertia?
M.E. McCulloch

Fifth IAA Symposium on Realistic Near-Term Advanced Scientific Space Missions

Explanation Of Dynamical Biefeld-Brown Effect From The Standpoint Of ZPF Field
Takaaki Musha

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