JBIS Vol 62 No 07/08 – July-August 2009

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Challenges in Space Safety

"Today's Challenges In Space Safety Design And Regulation"
Joseph N. Pelton, Arndt-Philipp Menzel and Tommaso Sgobba

Manifesto For A Safe And Sustainable Outer Space
Tommaso Sgobba, Arndt-Philipp Menzel, Ram Jakhu and Joseph N. Pelton

Crew Survival Lessons Learned From The Columbia Mishap
Jonathan B. Clark

Securing Safety: Spaceflight Standards for the Mass Market
Gérardine Meishan Goh

Space Debris And Space Safety: Looking Forward
William Ailor and Holger Krag

Software Challenges In Achieving Space Safety
Nancy G. Leveson

Team Performance And Space Safety
Barbara G. Kanki, David G. Rogers, Loredanna Bessone, Bonny Parke, Gro M. Sandal and Iya Whiteley

Toward Global Standards On Peaceful Uses Of Space Nuclear Reactor Power Systems
Mohamed S. El-Genk

International Safety Regulation And Standards For Space Travel And Commerce
Joseph N. Pelton and Ram Jakhu

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