JBIS Vol 62 No 11/12 – November-December 2009

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Renaissance Versus Revelation: The Timescale Of The Interpretation And Assimilation Of A Message From ETI
Stephen Baxter

Advanced Deuterium Fusion Rocket Propulsion For Manned Deep Space Missions
F. Winterberg

Project Icarus


Project Icarus: Son Of Daedalus – Flying Closer To Another Star
K.F. Long, M. Fogg, R. Obousy, A. Tziolas, A. Mann, R. Osborne and A. Presby

The Astronomical, Astrobiological and Planetary Science Case for Interstellar Spaceflight
I.A. Crawford

Using Daedalus For Local Transport
Bob Parkinson

Selective Snapshot Of State-Of-The-Art Artificial Intelligence & Robotics With Reference To The Icarus Starship
Alex Ellery

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