JBIS Vol 63 No 09/10 – September-October 2010

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Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space (NETS-2011)

Nuclear Propulsion Technology

An Overview Of Facilities And Capabilities To Support The Development Of Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
James Werner, Sam Bhattacharyya and Mike Houts

Design Of A Low Specific Mass 10 kWe Nuclear Reactor For Space Propulsion
Nic Hoifeldt, Regal Ferrulli, Laura Sudderth et al.

Varible Conductance Heat Pipes For Long-Lived Venus Landers
Calin Tarau, William G. Anderson and Christopher J. Peters

Missions and Architectures

Saturn Ring Observer Concept Architecture Options
Thomas R. Spilker, Chester S. Borden, William Smythe et al.

Trojan Tour Mission Concepts Provide Several Options For Cost-Effective Break-Through Science
Kenneth Hibbard, Robert Gold, John Dankanich et al.

Uranus Mission Concept Options
Robert E. Gold, Douglas A. Eng, Yanping Guo et al.

Comparisons Of Planetary Space Radiation Environments And Effects - A Review
H.B. Garrett, M. Kokorowski and R.W. Evans

Fusion Power Sources For Mars Exploration
George H. Miley and Xiaoling Yang

In-Situ Missions For The Exploration Of Titan’s Lakes
John O. Elliott and J. Hunter Waite

Advanced Nuclear Systems Concepts

Self-Fueling Fusion Hybrid Reactor For Space Power And Propulsion
Terry Kammash

Fusion Space Propulsion Using Fast-Ignition Inertial Confinement Fusion (FI-ICF)
George H. Miley, Xiaoling Yang, Kirk A. Flippo and Heinrich Hora

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