JBIS Vol 63 No 11/12 – November-December 2010

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Critical Factors In Conceptual Design And Techno-Economics Of Reusuable Spaceplanes
R. Gopalaswami

Predictions For Civilian Space Flight Based On Patterns From History
Marc G. Millis

Interstellar Studies

Project Icarus: Astronomical Considerations Relating To The Choice Of Target Star
I.A. Crawford

Project Icarus: The Challenges Of Mission Longevity
Stephen Baxter

First Interstellar Missions, Considering Energy And Incessant Obsolescence
Marc G. Millis

Project Icarus: Three Roads To The Stars
Stephen Baxter


HTGR Power System Technology For Space Exploration Missions
Michael Worrall and Zeev Shayer

Joint Radioisotope Electric Propulsion Studies — Neptune System Explorer
M. Omair Khan, Rashied Amini, Joan Ervin et al.

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