JBIS Vol 64 No 01/02 – January-February 2011

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Negative Mass Propulsion
F. Winterberg

Interstellar Studies

Project Icarus: Son Of Daedalus — Flying Closer To Another Star — A Technical Update And Programme Review
Robert Swinney, Kelvin F. Long and Pat Galea

Project Icarus: Mechanisms For Enhancing The Stability Of Gravitationally Lensed Interstellar Communications
P. Galea and R. Swinney


Hyperthermal Environments Simulator For Nuclear Rocket Engine Development
Ron J. Litchford, John P. Foote, W.B. Clifton et al.

Feasibility Study Of A Three-Stage Radioisotope-Powered Mars Ascent Vehicle
Tyler M. Chlapek, Ross E. Allen, Jin Y. Guan et al.

Design And Build Of Reactor Simulator For Fission Surface Power Technology Demonstrator Unit
Thomas Godfroy, Ricky Dickens, Michael Houts et al.

Alternative Radioisotopes For Heat And Power Sources
Tim Tinsley, Mark Sarsfield and Tom Rice

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