JBIS Vol 64 No 03 – March 2011

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Type III Dyson Sphere Of Highly Advanced Civilisations Around A Super Massive Black Hole
Makoto Inoue and Hiromitsu Yokoo


Kuiper Belt Object Orbiter Using Advanced Radioisotope Power Sources And Electric Propulsion
Steven R. Oleson, Melissa L. McGuire,, John Dankanich et al.

Experimental Studies of NaK In A Simulated Space Environment
Marc A. Gibson, James Sanzi and Damir Ljubanovic

A Small Fission Power System For NASA Planetary Science Missions
Lee Mason, John Casani, John Elliott et al.

Technical Note

Project Icarus: The Origins And Aims Of The Study
K.F. Long, R. Obousy and A. Tziloas

Refereed Correspondence

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