JBIS Vol 64 No 06/07 – June-July 2011

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Astronautical Hygiene - A New Discipline To Protect The Health Of Astronauts Working In Space
John R. Cain

Space Molten Salt Reactor Concept For Nuclear Electric Propulsion And Surface Power
Michael Eades, Justin Flanders, Niko McMurray et al.

Basic Research And Development Effort To Design A Micro Nuclear Power Plant For Brazilian Space Applications
Lamartine Nogueira Frutuoso Guimarães, Giannino Ponchio Camillo, Guilherme Moreira Placco et al.

Implementation Of A Sage-Based Stirling Model Into A System-Level Numerical Model Of The Fission Power System Technology Demonstration Unit
Maxwell H. Briggs

Method For Rapid Interplanetary Trajectory Analysis Using Δv Maps With Flyby Options
Takuto Ishimatsu, Jeffrey Hoffman and Olivier de Weck

Casimir Energy, Extra Dimensions and Exotic Propulsion
Richard Obousy and Aram Saharian.

Project Icarus: Stakeholder Scenarios For An Interstellar Exploration Program
Andreas M. Hein, Andreas C. Tziolas and Richard Osborne

From Here To ET
J.D. Mathews

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