JBIS Vol 64 No 09/10 – September-October 2011

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Invited Commentary - Liberty Across Light Years - The Freedom Of Future Space Settlers Compared To That Of The Ancients And The Moderns
Charles Cockell

Apollo Capsule Capsize Stability During Splashdown: Application Of A Cavity Collapse Model
Ralph D. Lorenz

A Survey Of Mission Opportunities To Trans-Neptunian Objects
Ryan McGranaghan, Brebt Sagan, Gemma Dove et al.

HERRO Mission To Mars Using Telerobotic Surface Exploration From Orbit
Steven R. Oleson, Geoffrey A. Landis, Melissa L. McGuire and George R. Schmidt

Advanced Subcritical Assistance Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator: An Imperative Solution For The Future Of NASA Exploration
F.J. Arias

Operational Solar Monitoring And Warning Requirements
David Wade

The International Space Station: Maximising the Return from Extended Operations

The Growing Legacy Of Spinoffs From The International Space Station And Prospects For Future Benefits
D. Comstock and D. Lockney

ESA's Research On Growing From Solutions In Microgravity: The Protein Crystallisation Diagnostics Facility And Future Prospects With The Solution Crystallisation Diagnostics Facility
Vladimir Pletser, Stefano Mazzoni, Olivier Minster and Lothar Potthast

Dexterous Manipulation In Microgravity In Parabolic Flights And On ISS
Vladimir Pletser, Patrik Sundblad, Jean-Louis Thonnard et al.

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