JBIS Vol 64 No 11/12 – November-December 2011

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Invited Commentary - Propellantless Propulsion: Enabling the Next Wave of Solar System Exploration
Les Johnson

The Interplanetary Project - How Spaceflight Didn't Happen
Bob Parkinson

Project Icarus: Progress Report on Technical Developments and Design Considerations
R.K. Obousy, A.C. Tziolas, K.F. Long et al.

Catalysis of the Schwinger Mechanism for p± Through the Modification of the Gravitational Dipolar Quantum Vacuum by Superconductors and its Application to Antimatter Space Propulsion
Clovis Jacinto de Matos

Vacuum to Antimatter-Rocket Interstellar Explorer System (VARIES): A Proposed Program for an Interstellar Rendezvous and Return Architecture
Richard Obousy

The Far Distant Future of Alpha Centauri
Martin Beech

Beamed Propulsion by Gravitational Waves
Koichi Mori

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