JBIS Vol 65 No 02/03 – February-March 2012

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Invited Commentary - Asteroid Ho! Robotics is the Key to Space Exploration
Alex Ellery

Astronautics and Space Systems Research at Kingston University


Development of a Desktop Hybrid Rocket Motor for Classroom Demonstration
James S. Arkwright

The Potential of Aluminium Metal Powder as a Fuel for Space Propulsion Systems
Abdul M. Ismail, Barnaby Osborne and Chris S. Welch

Short Duration Reduced Gravity Drop Tower Design and Development
Barnaby Osborne and Chris Welch

Two Degree of Freedom Model of Chaotic Dripping in Reduced Gravity
Barnaby Osborne and Chris Welch

Design of a Mars Rover Mobility System
Jevgenijs Trunins, Andrew Curley and Baranaby Osborne

Comparison of Satellite Surveying to Traditional Surveying Methods for the Resources Industry
B.P. Osborne, V.J. Osborne and M.L. Kruger

KUSpace: Embedding Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador Activities in the Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum
Chris Welch and Barnaby Osborne

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