JBIS Vol 65 No 04/05 – April-May 2012

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Invited Commentary - We Should Develop Beamed Power Sailships
James Benford

World Ships - The Long Journey to the Stars

World Ships: The Solar Photon Sail Option
Gregory L. Matloff

World Ships - Architectures & Feasibility Revisited
Andreas M. Hein, Mikhail Pak, Daniel Pütz, Christian Bühler and Philipp Reiss

On the Organization of World Ships and Other Gigascale Interstellar Space Exploration Projects
Frederik Ceyssens, Maarten Driesen and Kristof Wouters

The Emergence of the Worldship (I): The Shift from Planet-Based to Space-Based Civilisation
Stephen Ashworth

The Emergence of the Worldship (II): A Development Scenario
Stephen Ashworth

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