JBIS Vol 65 No 07/08 – July-August 2012

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100 Year Starship Study 2011: Time-Distance Solutions


Project Icarus: A Review of Interstellar Starship Designs
R.K. Obousy

Project Icarus: Nuclear Fusion Propulsion Concept Comparison
M. Stanic

Project Icarus: Exploring the Interstellar Roadmap using the Icarus Pathfinder and Starfinder Probe Concepts
R.W. Swinney, K.F. Long, A. Hein et al.

Interstellar Light Sails
Gregory L. Matloff

Mission Architectures for Achieving 0.1-0.2c Velocities
Robert B. Adams

Space Drive Physics, Introduction & Next Steps
Marc G. Millis

Machine Learning and the Starship - A Match Made in Heaven
P. Galea

Embryo Space Colonization to Overcome the Interstellar Time/Distance Bottleneck
Adam Crowl, John Hunt and Andreas M. Hein

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