JBIS Vol 65 No 09/10 – September-October 2012

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100 Year Starship Study 2011: Education, Social, Economic & Legal Considerations


Starflight Academy: Education in Interstellar Engineering
Andreas Tziolas

Icarus Institute for Interstellar Sciences (IIIS)
Bill Cress

The 34 Year Starship
Jeffrey Nosanov, Andrew Shapiro and Henry Garrett

Publicly Open Virtualized Gaming Environment for Simulation of all Aspects Related to “100 Year Starship Study”
V. Astakhov, P. Astakhov and T. Astakhova

Project Icarus: A 21st Century Interstellar Starship Study
R.K. Obousy

Evaluation of Technological/Social and Political Projections for the Next 100-300 Years and Implications for an Interstellar Mission
A.M. Hein

Strategic Roadmap for the Development of an Interstellar Space Program
Marsal Gifra and Walter Peeters

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