JBIS Vol 65 No 11/12 – November-December 2012

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Review, Analyses, and Recommendations Related to Modern International use of Nuclear Space Technologies with Focus on United States and Russia
Tabitha Smith

A Landsailing Rover for Venus Mobility
Geoffrey A. Landis

Graphene: The Ultimate Interstellar Solar Sail Material?
Gregory L. Matloff

Beamed Core Antimatter Propulsion: Engine Design and Optimization
Ronan L. Keane and Wei-Ming Zhang

Fusion-Driven Space Plane for Lunar Exploration
Terry Kammash and Brice Cassenti

Space Stations using the Skylon Launch System
Mark Hempsell

Space Station Element Commonality Between LEO and Lunar Infrastructures
Mark Hempsell

Project Icarus: Kepler-22B and What it Means
Alan Hale


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