JBIS Vol 66 No 01/02 – January-February 2013

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100 Year Starship Study 2011: Destinations


The Ultimate Destination: Choice of Interplanetary Exploration Path can Define Future of Interstellar Spaceflight
Dennis V. Silin

Destination Mars: Colonization via Initial One-Way Missions
Dirk Schulze-Makuch and Paul Davies

Small Body Exploration Technologies as Precursors for Interstellar Robotics
Robert J. Noble and Mark V. Sykes

Sun Focus Comes First, Interstellar Comes Second
Claudio Maccone

Exoplanet Studies for Potential Icarus Destination Stars
Alan Hale

The Artificial Planet
Daniel R. Glover

Extrasolar Planets: What Can be Known Before Going There
Jeffrey L. Coughlin

Project Icarus: Interstellar Spaceprobes and Encounters with Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Stephen Baxter

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