JBIS Vol 66 No 03/04 – March-April 2013

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100 Year Starship Study 2011: Time Distance Solutions

Faster-Than-Light Space Warps, Status and Next Steps
Eric W. Davis

Starship Sails Propelled by Cost-Optimized Directed Energy
James Benford

100 Year Starship Study 2011: Education, Social, Economic & Legal Considerations

The Wait Calculation: The Broader Consquences of the Minimum Time from now to Interstellar Destinations and its Significance to the Space Economy
Andrew Kennedy

Interstellar Sweat Equity
M.M. Cohen, R.E. Becker, D.J. O’Donnell and A.R. Brody

100 Year Starship Study 2011: Extras

Sustainable Functional Foods and Medicines Support Vitality, Sex, and Longevity for a 100-Year Starship Expedition
Mark R. Edwards

Sustained Innovation Through Shared Capitalism and Democratic Governance
Mary Ann Beyster, Joseph Blasi, Joe Sibilia, Thomas Zurbuchen and Anu Bowman

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