JBIS Vol 66 No 05/06 – May-June 2013

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On the Possiblity of Detecting Class A Stellar Engines using Exoplant Transit Curves
Duncan H. Forgan

Asteroid Control and Resource Utilization
Graham Paterson, Gianmarco Radice and J-Pau Sanchez

Application of COTS Components for Martian Surface Exploration
Matthew Cross, Christopher Nicol, Ala’ Qadi and Alex Ellery

In-Orbit Construction with a Helical Seam Pipe Mill
Neill Gilhooley

The Effect of Probe Dynamics on Galactic Exploration Timescales
Duncan H. Forgan, Semeli Papadogiannakis and Thomas Kitching

Innovative Approaches to Fuel-Air Mixing and Combustion in Airbreathing Hypersonic Engines
Christopher MacLeod

Gravitational Assist via Near-Sun Chaotic Trajectories of Binary Objects
Joseph L. Breeden

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