JBIS Vol 66 No 07/08 – July-August 2013

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100 Year Starship Study 2011: Communication of the Vision


Science Fiction and the Big Questions
Moira O’Keeffe

Interstellar Flight, Imagination and Myth Creation as an Effective Means for Enduring Inspiration
G.H. Padowitz

Interstellar Colonization and Multi-Generation Spaceships: Getting There is Half the Fun
Arlan Andrews Sr.

Utilizing Video Games
Luke Blaize

The Interstellar Vision: Principles and Practice
Paul A. Gilster

Comparison of Historic Exploration with Contemporary Space Policy Suggests a Retheorisation of Settings
J. Cokely, W. Rankin, P. Heinrich and M. McAuliffe

100 Year Starship Study 2011: Time Distance Solutions

Warp Field Mechanics 101
Harold “Sonny” White

Project Icarus: A Review of the Daedalus Main Propulsion System
J.R. French

Evolutionary Lightsailing Missions for the 100-Year Starship
Louis Friedman, Darren Garber and Thomas Heinsheimer

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