JBIS Vol 67 No 01 – January 2014

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The METI Debate

Introduction to the METI Issues
James Benford

Against Messaging

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and Whether to Send “Messages” (METI): A Case for Conversation, Patience and Due Diligence
David Brin

Costs and Difficulties of Interstellar ‘Messaging’ and the Need for International Debate on Potential Risks
John Billingham and James Benford

Seeking Contact: Issues to Consider
Michael Michaud

For Messaging

Sending Signals into Space: Is it Really a Bad Idea?
Seth Shostak

Calling ET, or not Even Answering the Phone?
Alexander Zaitsev

The Fear of Contact
Stephane Dumas


David Brin

The Biggest Problem
John Billingham

Rebuttal to the Advocates of Messaging
James Benford

Seth Shostak

Reply to the Three Documents Against METI
Stephane Dumas

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