JBIS Vol 67 No 02 – February 2014

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AIDAA XXII Conference - Part 1


Satellite Advanced Attitude Sensors at UNINA Lab GNC
D. Accardo, G. Fasano, M. Grassi and G. Rufino

A Human Centred Interior Design of a Habitat Module for the International Space Station
C. Burattini, F. Gugliermetti, F. Bisegna and M. Marchetti

Modelling Testing and Design Considerations of a GOX/GCH4 Igniter for a Hyprob-SSBB Single Injector Thrust Chamber
F. Battista, M. Ferraiuolo, A. Martucci et al.

Study and Development of a Sub-Orbital Re-Entry Demonstrator
R. Savino, R. Aurigemma, V. Carandente et al.

HyPlane for Space Tourism and Business Transportation
R. Savino, G. Russo, V. Carandente and V. D’Oriano

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