JBIS Vol 67 No 04 – April 2014

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100 Year Starship Study 2011: Time Distance Solutions

Enabling the 2nd Generation in Space: Building Blocks for Large Scale Space Endeavours
David Barnhart, Peter Garretson and Peter Will

100 Year Starship Study 2011: Education, Social, Economic & legal considerations

Building a Bridge to the Stars: Authority, Leadership and Structure
Roger Handberg

Ethical Economics
James Blodgett

Creating Long Term Income Streams for the 100 Year Starship Study Initiative
Andre J. Sylvester

Resilience Engineering in Critical Long Term Aerospace Software Systems: A New Approach to Spacecraft Software Safety
Donna A. Dulo

Where is the Space for People?
Emil Vinterhav

Non-Traditional Approaches to the Organization of Long-Term Technical Programs
Daniel R. Glover

100 Year Starship Study 2011: Extras

A Bridge to Far
Len Halprin

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