JBIS Vol 67 No 07-09 – July-September 2014

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Space Architecture


Maximum Jailbreak
Benedict Singleton

Galaxy Gadgeteers: Architects in Space
Mark S. Morris

After Machines: An Ecological Age of Space Exploration
Rachel Armstrong

Slime Mould Analogue Models of Space Exploration and Planet Colonisation
Andrew Adamatzky, Rachel Armstrong, Ben de Lacy Costello et al.

Morphological Control: A Design Principle for Applications in Space Science
Rudolf M. Füchslin, Elisabeth Dumont, Dandolo Flumini et al.

Semibiotic Persistence
C. Prothmann and K.-P. Zauner

Space-Time and Architecture
Francis Field, Jon Goodbun and Victoria Watson

Algae Farming in Low Earth Orbit: Past, Present and Future
Nathan Morrison

Dissipative Prototyping Methods: A Manifesto
Philip Beesley

Radical Vernacular: Bacterial Architecture on Mars
Martyn Dade-Robertson, Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa and Meng Zhang

Programming Matter Across Domains and Scale
Carlos Olguin

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