JBIS Vol 67 No 11-12 – November-December 2014

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Tiangong-1, The First Manned Spacelab of China
Philippe Coué

The “Wow” Signal, Drake Equation and Exoplanet Considerations
Edd Wheeler

Christian Soteriology and Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Christian Weidemann

AIDAA XXII Conference

Scientific use of the Sampler, Drill and Distribution Subsystem (SD2)
R. Armellin, P. Di Lizia, M. Crepaldi et al.

Skylon: An Example of Commercial Launch System Development
Mark Hempsell and Alan Bond

The Philosophy of the Starship

Future Geopolitical Scenarios, Their Dominant Schools of Thought and the Impact Thereof on the Promotion of Deep Space Exploration
Frederik Ceyssens, Maarten Driesen and Kristof Wouters

The Starship Philosophy: Its Heritage and Competitors
Stephen Ashworth

The Ethical Implications of Cultural Intervention by Space-Faring Civilizations – What Science Fiction as to Say
Martin Ciupa

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