JBIS Vol 68 No 01-02 – January-February 2015

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Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop 2014


Space Radiation and the Brain
Robert E. Hampson

Space 2100: A Shared Visioning Exercise for the Future Space Economy
Cynthia K. Ferguson, Mark E. Nall, David W. Scott et al.

Starfleet Deferred: Project Orion in the 1962 Air Force Space Program
Brent Ziarnick

An Interstellar Sail Before 2020?
Gregory L. Matloff and Les Johnson

Icarus Interstellar Starship Congress 2013


Ideal Biological Characteristics for Long-Duration Manned Space Travel
Aaron L. Cardon

Study of Daedalus Interstellar Spacecraft Reaction Chamber and Thrust Structure
S.K. Reddy and H. Benaroya

Solar Sails: Sneaking up on Interstellar Travel
Les Johnson

StarShip Congress 2013 – Proceedings of the General Assembly
Anu Bowman

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