JBIS Vol 68 No 09-10 – September-October 2015

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The In-Situ Construction, From Vitrified Lunar Regolith, of Large Structures Including Habitats in Artificial Lava Caves
Richard S. Soilleux and David Osborne

Safe Comfortable Habitats on the Moon, Mars and Mercury Using Soil Vitrification
Richard S. Soilleux and Kenneth I. Roy

Comparative Study of Aerial Platforms for Mars Exploration
N. Dhanji, M. Nahon and E. Dupuis

The MarsCart: Simple, Reliable, Non-Powered, Field-Maintainable Transportation for Short-Range, Small-Payload Extravehicular Activity on Mars
Cameron McPherson Smith and Louis-Philippe Loncke

Icarus Interstellar Starship Congress 2013

Mathematics of Magsails
Robert M. Freeland II

100 Year Starship Study 2011: Philosophical and Religious Considerations

The Longest Journey: Philosophical and Religious Considerations
A.H. Sinclair

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