JBIS Vol 68 No 12 – December 2015

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The Purpose of Art and Artists Beyond Earth
Charles S. Cockell

Why is There no Von Neumann Probe on Ceres? Error Catastrophe can Explain the Fermi-Hart Paradox
Axel Kowald

Nature-Inspired Design and Engineering (NIDE): A New Tool for the Next Generation of Robotic and Human Space Missions
Joel S. Levine, Russell L. Kerschmann, George F. Studor et al.

Mission Mars: A Dentist’s Perspective
Ayush Goyal, Pulkit Malhotra, Parul Bansal et al.

The Probability of Faster than Light Travel and our Place in the Universe
Daniel Cazzaniga

Mars, Human Nature and the Evolution of the Psyche
Konrad Szocik

Pirouette Launch and Energy Storage System
Martin Ostoja-Starzewski

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