JBIS Vol 70 No 08 – August 2017

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Beagle 2 on Mars – the Discovery Assessed
Jim Clemmet, Mark Sims, Nick Higgett, Teodora Kuzmanova, Eric Tatham, Derek Pullan, Jan-Peter Muller, Alfiah Putri, John Bridges and Judith Pillinger

A Monopropellant Driven LOx-Methane Engine for Space Propulsion
Guillaume Philoux, supervised by Bob Parkinson

Retrieval Strategies for Dead ComSats for the Necropolis System Mission
Paul Grasset, supervised by Bob Parkinson

Feasibility Study of a DNA-Sequencing Cubesat Satellite
Jérémie Joannès

Droplet Vaporization and Mixing in Non-Hypergolic Combustion Chambers
Elliott-John Coe, supervised by Bob Parkinson

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