JBIS Vol 70 No 09 – September 2017

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NASA’s Space Launch System: a Transformative Capability for Exploration
Kimberly Robinson, Jerry Cook, David Hitt

The UK’s path to Launch: The National Space Technology Strategy for Launch Technologies, Vehicles and Services
Andy Bradford, Phil Davies, Andy Ratcliffe, Adam Baker, Andy Bennett

Technology Roadmap for a Magnetically Con ned Fusion Powered Spacecraft
D. A. Homfray, M. Gorley, C. Harrington, A. Hollingsworth, T. H. Matos de Carvalho, J. Morris

Extraterrestrial 3D Printing & In-Situ Resource Utilisation to Sidestep Launch Costs
Alex Ellery

Can Artificial Miniature Magnetospheres Be Used to Protect Spacecraft?
Ruth Bamford

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