Spaceflight Vol 46 No 02 – February 2004

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International Space News
UK space strategy, ESA plans long term for Mars, One more Hubble mission planned, Launch blow for Japan, Last Atlas II model flies, China plans increased launch rate, New ISS crew named, Shuttle prototype in museum

Is the Sun going crazy?
P. Brekke, B. Fleck and S.V. Haugan

Satellite Digest

Shen Zhou 5 - flying the red flag Mission report
Phillip S. Clark

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Apollo 11 - flight into history
Ed Hengeveld

Achieving the impossible
Neil Armstrong and a century of adventure
Francis French

Ferrets of the high frontier
Dwayne Day

Astronaut confident about future
Hartriono B. Sastrowardoyo

Cosmonaut hints at Mars plans, Crew for Dutch Soyuz mission, Flying the Saturn V kite – surely it’s a big dumb booster, Campaigning for a change of heart, Ideas for the future, President’s MBE

Society news

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