Spaceflight Vol 46 No 05 – May 2004

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International Space News
Scientists detect most distant object in solar system, Water on the Red Planet, Precise launch, Eutelsat’s largest ever spacecraft, Sub-orbital spaceport search, Bush plan support with no showstoppers, Dutch flavour for spring Soyuz mission, Jungle cleared for Soyuz

Satellite Digest

Rosetta on way to comet
Lucy Owens

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Apollo 11 - flight into history
Ed Hengeveld

Israel’s stars aiming for the new high ground
Alexandre Szames

Double loss at Mars for NASA
Philip Corneille

A secret uncovered - The Soviet decision to land cosmonauts on the Moon
Asif A. Siddiqi

Senator reflects on space trip
Hartriono Sastrowardoyo

Longer ISS missions to boost Bush lunar plan, Defense for Zubrin’s case, Rover stumbles on terra firma test, Skyplane solution for future missions, High time for Shuttle alternative, Chinese moon

Into Space
Kelvin Long

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