Spaceflight Vol 46 No 06 – June 2004

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International Space News
Year-long Space Station flight possible, UK company poised to lead world market, Russia outlines Mars plans, GPS milestone, Space-X moves towards first launch, Rovers’ return to be doubled, Mars Express maps water, Shuttle upgrade work moves on

Satellite Digest

Europe’s eye on the Red Planet

Twin robotic geologists on Mars

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Apollo 11 - flight into history
Ed Hengeveld

A chequered path to success - The Apollo 16 Saturn V fire
Alan Lawrie

Farewell to the Orbital Space Plane
John Catchpole

Spectacular cosmos theme park, Rare chance to chat with cosmonaut, Praise for astronaut talk, Grand tour of space facilities, Rosetta delay proves a bonus, Arianespace unperturbed over ‘cat flap’, Speculation on new Russian crew vehicle

Book notices

Society News

Into Space
Bill Tomlinson

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