Spaceflight Vol 46 No 09 – September 2004

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International Space News
Cooperation is key to success, European work on cargo vehicle, Ariane 5 launch, New craft to monitor atmosphere, Space debris concern, UK forum debut, Stateside move for Starchaser, India’s plans for manned missions, Solving space storm mystery, Herschel-Planck contract

Satellite Digest

Climate of change for ESA
Clive Simpson

The starship free enterprise
Steven Fawkes and Mat Irvine

The new Lord of the rings
Clive Simpson

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

State of collapse - Unreported Atlas depressurisation accidents
Joel Powell

Orbital fashion parade
Yuri Zaitsev

Early attempts to break sound barrier, European crew time on Space Station, Bundle solution for big launcher, Support for Bush initiative, Astronaut memorial

Book notices
Frontiers of Space Exploration, Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Space, Space Science, The Orion Nebula, Cosmic Company, Voyager’s Grand Tour, Mars Exploration Planning, NASA Astronaut Photographs of Earth, NASA Mission Reports (Mars)

Into Space
Roger Holt

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