Spaceflight Vol 47 No 01 – January 2005

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International Space News
Europe reaches the Moon in style, Maiden flight for new Soyuz, New space prize, Military relies on commercial satellites, Small windows for Shuttle launches, Rockets may replace some Shuttle missions, Huge demand for space trek, GPS system spawns new cooperation, ESA control centre, Cassini homes in on Titan, New Mars proposal from Beagle team, Intensive rehearsals for Shuttle return

Satellite Digest

Ice cap meltdown
Clive Simpson

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Ariane 5 launch campaign
Joel Powell

Preparing for Mars
Yury Zaitsev

Flights of fancy
John Geenty

BBC’s grand tour of solar system, Space tourism is way forward, Space Shuttle Discovery’s teardrop, Inspiration is sadly lacking, Asteroids offer opportunities, Saturn rocket success record, First hand history at Autographica

Society news
55th International Astronautical Congress
Bob Parkinson

Into Space
Homo Spaciens
Adam Hawkey

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