Spaceflight Vol 47 No 02 – February 2005

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International Space News
UK industry calls for greater space role in strategic priorities, Huygens trajectory to be mapped on Earth, Option for mid-May Shuttle launch, Energia rocket may fly again, Vega wins RapidEye contract, New facility for Webb mirrors, Committee fails to embrace Galileo, BT profits from Eutelsat sale, John Young retires, Italian astronaut assigned to Space Station flight, Weather data in greater demand, UK-Japan link on hyperspectral satellite, Bush appoints new NASA boss

Satellite Digest

Things that go clunk in the night
Dwayne A. Day

Environmental all-rounder
Clive Simpson

SpaceShipOne makes history over Mojave
Nicholas Spall

The artistry of Chuck Rogers
Joel Powell

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

From above the Iron Curtain to around the Moon
Dwayne A. Day

On the shoulders of an aviation giant, Atlas Centaur launch failure, New space race driven by competitive market, Now decisions will define future for decades, Saturn V class replacements necessary, NASA should use Energia to return to the Moon, Raising the level of debate about life on Mars

Society news
Space weekend - a review of UK space activities
Dave Fearn

Astronaut’s insight on Shuttle ISS missions
Rex Hall

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