Spaceflight Vol 47 No 04 – April 2005

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International Space News
In orbit Shuttle repair demonstration planned for spring, Space Station assembly to end by 2010, Falcon launchers come to market, Budget higher but still less, Finally its celebration time for Ariane 5, Navigation payload test, Earth-bound telescopes rescue Huygens data, Option to free up Soyuz seats, Baikonur to get new launch centre in 2008, Leading launch company bags new Eutelsat craft, Beagle 2 report finally published, Launch rate takes a dip, Team recommends new ‘Hubble’, Australia rejects space for third time, First Inmarsat-4 readied for launch, Ireland’s Ariane 5 contract, Development of crewed vehicle

Satellite Digest

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Dragon in space
Chen Lan

Time for a gander
Clive Simpson

Jewel in the sky
Dwayne A. Day

Divergence between BBC book and TV series, Philosophy of keeping things simple, Planetary landings are cultural achievements too, The how, what, where and when of life, Convictions lie outside scientific discussion, Discovering the fingerprints of life, Real evidence, Big booster technology, Balloon mission set for 2006

Clementine Atlas of the Moon, Virtual LM, Urban Astronomy, Lunar Exploration, Rocket Science, Walking in Space, How NASA learned to fly in space

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