Spaceflight Vol 47 No 05 – May 2005

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International Space News
Space tourists can expect accidents, New NASA administrator appointed, Chinese support for Galileo, Frozen sea on Mars, First new Inmarsat satellite launched, Pillinger proposes Mars sample return, Shuttle launch day draws closer, Israel selects SAR system, Pluto craft nearing completion, Japanese booster back on track, Cassini finds atmosphere on Enceladus, Military lifts Boeing embargo, Spritzer marks new beginning, Greece joins ESA

Satellite Digest

From rocket garden to orbiter processing
Rudolf van Beest

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Onwards to Mars
Gerard van de Haar & John Catchpole

The forgotten mission of Pioneer 5
Joel Powell

Russian rocket man
Alexander Zheleznyakov

Anxious precursor to Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Philip Corneille

Flight surgeons regarded with justifiable scepticism, Humility has been all but lost, Sweeping away opposing view, Inspiration is a dangerous thing, Pertinent reminder of catastrophe, Imaginative proposals required for planetary exploration, Shenzhou programme, Titanic volcanoes, V1 prototype

Walking in Space, Carl Sagan – A Biography, Astrodynamics 2003, The Mammoth Book of Space Exploration and Disasters, The Story of the Space Shuttle

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